Who is Ashley?

Ashley Russell

Ashley Russell is a Customer and Trading Manager (4S) for Sainsbury’s in Bath, life-long member of The Scouts, lover of good food, very occasional runner and tech-enthusiast. His values stem primarily from the Scout promise he made 10+ years ago, in which he committed to help others, have trust in people, have self-respect and respect for others, be careful with time and property and always do his best.

Ashley loves working with people and does so frequently in his day-job in retail and in his voluntary roles within Scouting. His passion is to ensure people are treated fairly, with respect, and allowed to flourish in an environment that’s right for them. He loves taking responsibility for things and turning ideas into a reality, whether that be a customer making a request of the store or a Scout Group looking to grow and create bigger and better adventures.

He is a very confident individual who will always stand up for what he believes in and have his voice heard. In 2014 (and again in 2017), he was elected onto the Board of Trustees of The Scouts, giving him a powerful platform to shape the 500,000 member organisation he so loves.

He is the proud holder of the Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) Silver Award and Chief Scouts’ Diamond Award, and is currently working towards his DofE Gold Award and Queen Scouts’ Award.